Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference

Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference (You will find more than 30 fake conferences of IEEE)

Monday, 25 October 2010

We are not the unique blog protesting for the IEEE Fake Conferences.

We are not the unique blog protesting for the IEEE Fake Conferences.
See for example http://xx.web.id/ieee-conference/finally-the-ieee-is-involved-with-irast-ridiculous-conferences.html

In the following IEEE SCAM Conferences SPAM, they advertize first the Beaches and the Sand and after that the topics of the (fake IEEE) conference

As we posted in our previous post: "The Audacity of IEEE has no limits It seems that it is not enough to provide the IEEE name to Professional Scammers, but also bombards us daily with ridiculous messages. The IEEE, of course knows that its database "IEEExplore" is full of garbage papers generated by the collaboration of suspicious "organizations". These "organizations" - fraud are simply web sites and nothing more. We hope some people will see our complaints here and will stop the IEEE conferences
that the following fake organizations and professional scammers organize: IRAST, HIGHSCI, IARIA, IACSIT, grs-association.org, AICIT.
This is what some other sites call: COMMERCE of IEEE.
You can also put in Google: IEEE Fake Conferences,
IEEE Bogus Conferences, IEEE Junk Conferences.
Many scientists make compalints every day, but in vain!!!!
NEW IEEE SCAM SPAM, October 25, 2010):


Dear Author,

Submission deadline has been extended to 29 October, because we try to collect more money from stupid people like you. Please consider contributing a paper and posting this Call for Papers to your school/department. Many thanks.

2011 International Conference on Data Engineering and Internet Technology (DEIT 2011)

15-17 March 2011, Bali, Indonesia

DEIT 2011 aims to bring together researchers and scientists from academia, industry, and government laboratories to present new results and identify future research directions in data engineering and internet technology.

Because we are a fake, crappy conference we start with the presentation of this paradise place:

Bali is a favorite vacation destination for many nationalities. Bali's natural attractions include miles of sandy beaches (many are well-known among surfers), picturesque rice terraces, towering active volcanoes over 3,000 meters (10,000 ft.) high, fast flowing rivers, deep ravines, pristine crater lakes, sacred caves, and lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife. The island's rich cultural heritage is visible everywhere - in over 20,000 temples and palaces, in many colorful festivals and ceremonies, in drama, music, and dance. Bali is also well-known for its night life. Come to Bali enjoying the beautiful environment and activities here!

All papers published in the DEIT 2011 proceedings will be included in the IEEE GARBAGE - SCAM Data Base, several times accepted and published various SCIgen papers


Ridiculous DEIT 2011 has appeared in the Fake IEEE Conferences (
IEEE Bogus Conference Record # 17831, IEEE Bogus Catalog Number: CFP1113L-CDR, ISBN: 978-1-4244-8581-9).

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Data engineering,

*fake conferences organization

* Computational algorithms/tools: data mining and knowledge recovery, data integration,
platforms, middleware
* Database management and database technologies
* Intelligent information systems: artificial intelligence and expert systems, embedded systems
* Data engineering applications: healthcare engineering, human-computer interaction, financial
systems, and MIS

Internet technology
* Internet Infornomics: e-Learning, e-Commerce, e-Business and e-Government, e-society,
globalization of information society
* Internet security: biometrics, boundary issues, broadband access technologies
* Internet data management: case studies, monitoring and analysis, digital libraries
* Web data engineering including search, crawling, data grids, data aspects of
cloud computing, web-based application
* Other topics like mobile/wireless computing, modeling with UML, parallel and distributed
computing, hardware and software, internet architecture...

Conference Schedule:
Extended Paper Submission Deadline: whenever you like (but do not forget the registration fees submission)
Review Notification: 15 minutes later
Author Registration / Final Papers Deadline: 29 December 2010


  1. Many people established some web pages and the advertize them as Scientific Societies, but they aren't.
    Examples? IARIA, IRAST, HIGHSCI, IACSIT, grs-association.org, AICIT
    They are not scientific societies, but simply web pages of some owners like Petr Dini, Nagib Callaos, etc. They have as Patron the IEEE Fake Publications. Their conferences are full of garbage papers because theis "conferences" do not include any real review of the junk papers that they use to collect

  2. Could we maintain a list of fake conferences and proceed with legal actions against them ?

  3. I've sent a paper to this conference. Only now I'm reading this blog and I am aware of these issues... I had thought IEEE was a guarantee.
    I'm kind of confused right now.

  4. Do not go to the fake IEEE Conferences12 January 2013 at 04:37

    IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation conference is mock and bogus,
    From the Blog

    IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation conference is mock and bogus, because
    a) In their web page http://med13.du.edu/venue.php they invite you as follows.

    Minoa Palace Resort & Spa
    Platanias-Chania, Crete - GREECE
    MED'13 will be held at the Minoa Palace Resort and Spa (http://www.minoapalace.gr), a luxury five star beachside resort. The resort is situated in the cosmopolitan area of Platanias, 12km west of the picturesque town of Chania and about 30 min drive from the Chania International Airport. The resort offers majestic views of its surrounding countryside and the White Mountains. To the north, the resort enjoys panoramic views of the endless golden beach of Platanias with the shimmering sapphire blue Aegean beyond. Guests have immediate access to the sandy beach in front of the resort. For information about Chania, visit: http://www.chania.eu/tourism and for Greece, visit: http://www.gnto.gr.
    A video of the hotel and resort accommodations is available here.
    To run a conference in a Resort & Spa does not necessarily means that the conference is Bogus, but this feature in combination with b), c), d) and e) - see below-- implies that the conference is bogus and mock.

    b) The "Society" that organizes this event is the so called MEDITERRANEAN CONTROL ASSOCIATION. It is very strange that this "Association" is only one Person (actually the owner) Prof. Panos Antsaklis with academic address: University of Notre Dame, USA. So, what kind of "Mediterranean" Association is this association having the headquarters in a room in USA and what kind of Association is this having Prof. Antsaklis (always the same person) as President (in fact he is the Owner) in the recent 21 years?
    ***We tried (Google) to find other members of this kind of "Association" but we did not find anyone else. Only Antsaklis!

    c) It is also very strange that a conference in Greece collects the registration fees in USA. Note that in their web page the Registration Chairman is some Hai Lin, Assistant Professor in the University of Notre Dame just under Panos Agathoklis. How can a conference in Greece of "Mediterranean" area collect the registration fees in USA?

    d) It is also very strange that in the web page of the conference there is no mention for Registration and Registration Fees. So, they do not clear their financial requirements from the beginning, but you will learn about the registration cost at the end when a possible retraction of your paper will be impossible.

    e) After sending email to 5 members of the International Program Committee, we got the same answer: The IPC members are not aware about ... the conference.

    Conclusion: Evaluating a), b), c), d), e) we draw the conclusion that this is a bogus IEEE conference with a fake organization harming the name and the reputation of IEEE.