Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference

Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference (You will find more than 30 fake conferences of IEEE)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Finally, the IEEE is involved with IRAST ridiculous conferences

See the site: www.irast.org or better http://www.irast.org/conferences.html They have (at the moment) 2 fake conferences!
You can read the phrase:
"CACS 2010 conference proceedings will be published by the Conference Publishing Services (CPS) which will include the conference proceedings in IEEE Xplore and submit the proceedings to Ei Compendex and ISTP for indexing."

Draw your own conclusions. The people of IRAST.ORG are really diabolic! They remove the IEEE Logo from their fake conferences, but they continue using the IEEE Publications Services and they advertize their conference tourism via IEEE Xplore (the data base with the most junk papers!)


  1. I am not even sure if the organisation is real or it is just an internet domain name to pose like a real academic society. Use your own judgement here....

  2. See this bogus conference call with the blatant promotion here:

    Dear Author,
    Please forward to those who may be interested. Thanks.
    2011 International Conference on Data Engineering and Internet Technology (DEIT 2011)
    15-17 March 2011, Bali, Indonesia
    DEIT 2011 aims to bring together researchers and scientists from academia, industry, and government laboratories to present new results and identify future research directions in data engineering and internet technology.
    All papers published in the DEIT 2011 proceedings will be included in the IEEE Xplore and indexed in both Ei Compendex and ISTP. DEIT 2011 has appeared in the IEEE Conferences (Conference Record # 17831, IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1113L-CDR, ISBN: 978-1-4244-8581-9).
    Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
    Data engineering
    * Computational algorithms/tools: data mining and knowledge recovery, data integration,
    platforms, middleware
    * Database management and database technologies
    * Intelligent information systems: artificial intelligence and expert systems, embedded systems
    * Data engineering applications: healthcare engineering, human-computer interaction, financial
    systems, and MIS
    Internet technology
    * Internet Infornomics: e-Learning, e-Commerce, e-Business and e-Government, e-society,
    globalization of information society
    * Internet security: biometrics, boundary issues, broadband access technologies
    * Internet data management: case studies, monitoring and analysis, digital libraries
    * Web data engineering including search, crawling, data grids, data aspects of
    cloud computing, web-based application
    * Other topics like mobile/wireless computing, modeling with UML, parallel and distributed
    computing, hardware and software, internet architecture...
    Bali is a favorite vacation destination for many nationalities. Bali's natural attractions include miles of sandy beaches (many are well-known amongst surfers), picturesque rice terraces, towering active volcanoes over 3,000 meters (10,000 ft.) high, fast flowing rivers, deep ravines, pristine crater lakes, sacred caves, and lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife. The island's rich cultural heritage is visible everywhere - in over 20,000 temples and palaces, in many colorful festivals and ceremonies, in drama, music, and dance. You can experience Bali on many different excursions and guided tours by coach, private car or "Big Bike", by boat or by air plane. Come to Bali enjoying the beautiful environment and life here.
    Conference Contact:
    Conference Schedule:
    Paper Submission Deadline: 15 September 2010
    Review Notification: 15 November 2010
    Author Registration / Final Papers Deadline: 15 December 2010

  3. Simply, IRAST.ORG belongs to the industry of web sites acting as a mask of IEEE fake conferences.
    See also

    Other Web Pages that are a "mask" of bogus IEEE commercial activites are: IARIA.org, AICIT.org, IACSIT.org, HIGHSCI.org, http://www.world-research-institutes.cn/ and many others

    This is the IEEE Commerce.
    For some money, IEEE sells its name and its logo to dubious conference organizers and the diabolic IEEE commerce is expanded more and more.

  4. Can I forward you, by email, another fake call-for-papers about _ten_ conferences, ranging down to "International Conference on Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences"?
    Two ones marked as IEEE-published are:

    Below is an excerpt from the SPAM call-for-paper I just got.
    Best regards
    http://www.icss-edu.tw/icsmms2011/index.htm(Paper Submission Deadline Oct. 30, 2010,期刊会议,AMR期刊发表)
    http://www.iita-conference.org/iita2010/index.htm(Paper Submission Deadline Oct. 12, 2010)
    http://www.ieee-ett.cn/wmwa2010/index.htm (Paper Submission Deadline Oct. 25, 2010)
    http://www.ieee-ett.cn/neet2010/index.htm (Paper Submission Deadline Oct. 15, 2010)
    http://www.ited.org.cn/icslp2010/index.htm(Paper Submission Deadline Oct. 15, 2010,接收中、英文投稿)
    http://ieee-ett.cn/acpim/index.htm(Paper Submission Deadline Oct. 25, 2010,接收中、英文投稿)
    http://www.grs-association.org/mpes2010/index.htm(Paper Submission Deadline NOV. 1, 2010)
    http://www.apesrc.org/icrtmme/index.htm (Paper Submission Deadline NOV. 1, 2010,期刊会议,AMM期刊发表)
    http://www.apesrc.org/icamcs/index.htm (Paper Submission Deadline DCE. 15, 2010,期刊会议,KEM期刊发表)

  5. Here is new fake one:International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC)!!!
    This fake organisation is IACSIT yet.
    The guy name is YI XIE, he built the two websiteas!
    Crazy big lier!