Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference

Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference (You will find more than 30 fake conferences of IEEE)

Friday, 12 February 2010

The SPAM IEEE is here. Most amazing: the IEEE speaks about anti-Spam Technologies at the moment that IEEE promotes its activities through huge Spam

The SPAM IEEE is here. Most amazing: the IEEE speaks about anti-Spam Technologies at the moment that IEEE promotes its activities through huge Spam

HAIS 2010: 5th [SPAM] CFP. Special Issues and Special Sessions/Workshops
* We apologize if you receive this CFP more than once.
* PLEASE CIRCULATE this CFP among your colleagues and students.


5th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems
23rd-25th June of 2010
San Sebastian, Spain

Technical Co-Sponsors by:
IEEE.-Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society
IEEE.-Spain Section
IEEE.-Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Spanish Chapter
Machine Intelligence Research Labs (MIR Labs)


Extended and improved versions of selected papers will be included in special issues of:

1. Neurocomputing.- ELSEVIER
2. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision.- SPRINGER
3. Information Fusion.- ELSEVIER
4. Information Sciences.- ELSEVIER

Prof. Ali A. Ghorbani - University of New Brunswick (Canada)
Prof. Marios Polycarpou - University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
Prof. Mihai Datcu - Paris Institute of Technology, Telecom Paris (France)
Prof. Gerhard X Ritter - University of Florida (US)
More information soon!!

Special sessions confirmed up to now!!

SS01 Real World HAIS Applications and Data Uncertainty
SS02 Computational Intelligence for Recommender Systems
SS03 Signal Processing and Biomedical Applications
SS04 Methods of Classifiers Fusion
SS05 Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary Learning
SS06 Systems, Man, & Cybernetics by HAIS.- Workshop
SS07 Hybrid Intelligent Systems on Logistics
SS08 Hybrid Reasoning and Coordination Methods on Multi-Agent Systems
SS09 HAIS for Computer Security (HAISfCS)
SS10 Hybrid and Intelligent Techniques on Multimedia
SS11 Hybrid ANNs: Models, Algorithms and Data
SS12 Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems Based on Lattice Theory
SS13 Computational intelligence-based Computer Vision & Graphics (CIV&G)

In addition to regular sessions, participants are encouraged to organize
special sessions on specialized topics.
Each special session should have at least 4 or 5 quality papers. Special
session organizers will solicit submissions;
conduct reviews jointly with the HAIS´10 PC and in the same way
recommend accept/reject decisions on the submitted papers.

Submission of Special Sessions are welcome!
http:// http://www.ehu.es/ccwintco/hais2010/specialsessions.html
For more information, please, send an email to: manuel.grana@ehu.es

***PROCEEDINGS: (Tentative)
HAIS'10 proceedings will be published by Springer in its series of
LNCS/LNAI- LNAI (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) as in the last previous editions.
All accepted papers must be presented by one of the authors who must
register for the conference and pay the fee.

*** 5th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence
Systems(HAIS´10) combines symbolic and sub-symbolic
techniques to construct more robust and reliable problem solving models.
Hybrid intelligent systems are becoming popular due to their
capabilities in handling many real world complex problems, involving
imprecision, uncertainty and vagueness, high-dimensionality. They
provide us with the opportunity to use both, our knowledge and row
data to solve problems in a more interesting and promising way.

HAIS´10 provides an interesting opportunity to present and discuss the
latest theoretical advances and real-world applications in this
multidisciplinary research field.

*** TOPICS ***
Topics are encouraged, but not limited to, the combination of at least
two of the following areas in the field of Hybrid Intelligent Systems:
Fusion of soft computing and hard computing
Evolutionary Computation
Visualization Techniques
Ensemble Techniques
Data mining and decision support systems
Intelligent agent-based systems (complex systems), cognitive and
Reactive distributed AI systems
Internet modelling
Human interface
Case base reasoning
Chance discovery
Applications in security, prediction, control, robotics, image and
speech signal processing, food industry, biology and medicine, business
and management, knowledge management, artificial societies, chemicals,
pharmaceuticals, geographic information systems, materials and
environment engineering and so on.
HAIS'10 proceedings will be published by Springer in its series of
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence - LNAI (part of its prestigious
Lecture Notes in Computer Science - LNCS series).

All submissions will be refereed by experts in the field based on
originality, significance, quality and clarity. Every submitted paper to
HAIS´10 will be reviewed by at least two members of the Program Committee.

Papers must be prepared according to the LNCS-LNAI style template
(http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html) and must be no more than
eight (8) pages long, including figures and bibliography.
Additional pages (over 8 pages) will be charged at 100 Euro each.

Special Session acceptance: 20th January, 2010
Submission of papers by Authors: 22th February, 2010
Notification of provisional acceptance: 15th March, 2010
Submission of final papers: 11th April, 2010
Early registration (special rates): 11th April, 2010
HAIS 2010 Conference: 23rd-25thth June, 2010

Prof. Manuel Graña - University of the Basque Country (Spain)
Dr. Emilio Corchado - University of Burgos (Spain)

*** CONTACT ***

Spam IEEE Prof. Manuel Graña
GIC Research Group
Facultad de Informática de San Sebastián
Universidad del País Vasco
Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal 1
018, San Sebastián, Spain

20 Phone: +34 943 01 8044
+34 943 01 5106 Fax: +34 943 01 5590
Web: GIC Research Group
Email: manuel.grana@ehu.es

Dr. Emilio Corchado
Departamento de Informática y Automática
University of Salamanca
Salamanca. Spain
Email: escorchado@usal.es
Phone: +34 616 44 9888

For more information about HAIS´10, please refer to the HAIS´10 website:

* We apologize if you receive this CFP more than once.
* PLEASE CIRCULATE this CFP among your colleagues and students.

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Manuel GraÒa Romay Spam IEEE
Grupo de Inteligencia Computacional UPV/EHU Spam IEEE
Computational Intelligence Group Spam IEEE
www.ehu.es/ccwintco Spam IEEE


  1. This post is a clear attempt to boycott the HAIS 2010 conference. The conference organizers did not employ SPAM tools, such as massive mail on purchased lists, but used their own contacts and tried to focus on the academic community interested in the topics of the conference. If the blog owner would identify itself we would consider legal action against it.
    MAnuel Graña
    HAIS 2010 Conference co-chair

  2. Many people established some web pages and the advertize them as Scientific Societies, but they aren't.
    Examples? IARIA, IRAST, HIGHSCI, IACSIT, grs-association.org, AICIT
    They are not scientific societies, but simply web pages of some owners like Petr Dini, Nagib Callaos, etc. They have as Patron the IEEE Fake Publications. Their conferences are full of garbage papers because theis "conferences" do not include any real review of the junk papers that they use to collect