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Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference (You will find more than 30 fake conferences of IEEE)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

NEW SPAM FROM IEEE. New Overflow of our Email accounts

6th International Conference on Intelligent Environments
Co-sponsored by the SPAM IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society Technical Committee on Computational Intelligence and the Association for the Advancement of AI
July 19-21, 2010
(workshops: July 18-19)

Monash University (Sunway campus), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Web: http://intelligentenvironments.org/conferences/ie10
Paper submission system https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/IE2010/

Important dates: for the SPAM IEEE  conference
·       Paper submission: 22nd February 2010
*       Notification of acceptance: 12th April 2010
*       Paper final submission (with revisions): 26th April 2010

Intelligent Environments are everyday settings such as homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, hospitals, teaching-rooms, stage/studios, manufacturing environments, cars, trains, aircraft, boats, cities, public spaces and electronic clothing/fashion that are equipped with advanced networked computer based systems, which enable better or new lifestyles for people. For example, such technology can lead to design of living environments that are more comfortable, usable, productive, secure, caring, social, entertaining or energy efficient.

Each year, the International Conference on Intelligent Environments provides a leading edge forum for scientists, researchers and engineers from industry and academia to present theoretical and practical research results on Intelligent Environments, their multiple aspects and their application in various domains of activity. IE'10 is the sixth edition in a series of highly successful conferences that were organized in Colchester (UK), Athens (Greece), Ulm (Germany), Seattle (USA) and Barcelona (Spain) in the past five years; in 2010, the IE conference will take place in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) hosted by the Monash University.

The IE'10 conference program will include workshops, invited lectures and special sessions of full and short papers and posters. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) Ambient Intelligence, Ubiquitous/Pervasive Computing, Intelligent Agents, Context Awareness, End-User Programming, Human-Computer Interaction (Speech, Vision and Haptics), Smart Sensors, Affective Systems, Wearables (smart clothes, digital fashion etc), Domestic Robotics, Virtual & Mixed-Reality, Middleware, Networking, Communications, Development/ Testing/ Evaluation Methodologies, Building Architecture, Art and Design, Cultural, Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Intelligent Environments. Other issues of interest include novel computational models and new theories that support advances in these areas.

For updates on the Intelligent Environments research community and conferences, we invite you to join:
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/e/vgh/2578102/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/IE_Forum
WikiCFP: http://www.wikicfp.com/cfp/servlet/event.showcfp?eventid=7472



SPAM IEEE 5th Workshop on "Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ambient Intelligence" (AITAmI 2010) Juan Augusto & Diane Cook

SPAM IEEE 2nd International Workshop on "Smart Offices and Other Workplaces" (SOOW 2010) Peter Mickulecky, Pavel Cech & Carlos Ramos

SPAM IEEE 2nd International Workshop on "Intelligent Environments Supporting Healthcare and Well-being" (WISHWell 2010) John O'Donoghue & Juan C. Augusto

SPAM IEEE 2nd International Workshop on "Mobile Robots in Automated Building Systems" (UbiRob 2010) A. Sgorbissa, F. Mastrogiovanni & Renato Zaccaria

SPAM IEEE 1st International Workshop on "Sensor Networks and Middleware and Software Architectures" (SAIE 2010) Pablo Haya, German Montoro & Manuel Garcia-Herranz

SPAM IEEE 1st International Workshop on "Creative Science - Science Fiction Prototyping for Research Innovation" Brian David Johnson, Simon Egerton, & Victor Callaghan

SPAM IEEE 1st International Workshop on "Human-Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence" (HCIAmI 2010) Hamid Aghajan & Ramon Lopez-Cozar Delgado

SPAM IEEE 1st International Workshop on "Social Media and Web 2.0 as an Intelligent Environment" (SWIE'2010). Marc Cheong, Vincent Lee & Irwin King

SPAM IEEE 1st International Workshop on "SHASPA Intelligent Shared Spaces - Linking Immersive Virtual Environments to Physical Spaces" David Wortley, Oliver Goh, and Chong-Won Cho

Organizing Committee of this IEEE SPAM

General Chair of this IEEE SPAM
Simon Egerton (Monash University, Malaysia)
Ichiro Satoh (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo)

Program Chairs of this IEEE SPAM
Victor Callaghan (University of Essex, UK)
Achilles Kameas (Hellenic Open University)

Workshops Chairs of this IEEE SPAM
Juan Carlos Augusto (University of Ulster, UK)
Vincent Lee (Monash University, Australia)

Strategic Planning Chair of this IEEE SPAM
Hani Hagras (University of Essex, UK)

Posters and Short Papers Chairs of this IEEE SPAM
Martin Colley (University of Essex, UK)
Gregory O'Hare (UCD, Ireland)

Doctoral Colloquium Chairs of this IEEE SPAM
Albert Yeap (AUT, New Zealand)
Dolors Royo (UPC, Spain)

Online Track Chair of this IEEE SPAM
Michael Gardner (University of Essex, UK)

Publication Chairs of this IEEE SPAM
Michael Weber (University of Ulm, Germany)

Publicity Chairs of this IEEE SPAM
Angélica Reyes (UPC, Spain)
Minjuan Wang (Sand Diego State University, USA)
Zheng Xiaoxia (Essex University, UK)

Industrial Liaison Chairs of this IEEE SPAM
Wong Chek Yoon (Monash University, Malaysia)
Brian Johnson (Intel Research Labs, Portland, USA)
Hiew Pang Leang  (BT Malaysian Research Centre)
Do van Thanh (Telenor R&I, Fornebu, Norway)
Peter Mueller (IBM Research Lab, Zurich, Switzerland)

Professional Society Liaison Chairs of this IEEE SPAM
Dianne Cook (Washington State University, USA)

Treasurers of this IEEE SPAM
Michael Weber (University of Ulm, Germany)
Lee Sock Wee (Monash University, Malaysia)

Student Liaison of this IEEE SPAM
Anushia Inthiran (Monash University, Malaysia)
Shumei Zhang (University of Ulster, UK)

Web Site Design & Administration Chair of this IEEE SPAM
Konstantinos Togias - (CTI, Greece)

Conference Management System Chair of this IEEE SPAM
Jeannette Chin (University of Essex, UK)

Intelligent Environments Steering Committee ( of this IEEE SPAM)
Vic Callaghan (University of Essex)
Dimitris Charitos (University of Athens)
Diane Cook (Washington State University, USA)
Hani Hagras (University of Essex) - President
Sumi Helal (University of Florida, USA)
Achilles Kameas (Hellenic Open University, Greece)
Wolfgang Minker (University of Ulm, Germany)
George Rousos (University of London, UK)
Michael Weber (University of Ulm, Germany)

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