Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference

Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference (You will find more than 30 fake conferences of IEEE)

Monday, 25 January 2010

A new fake Conference. A new bogus Conference. ALERT

Dear Sir/Madam:

This mail is to invite you to participate in the activities of the 2010 World Congress on Electronics and Electrical Engineering (WCEEENG'10), on the period from 4 to 8 April, 2010, Luxor, Egypt. Please, forward this mail to your colleague and all persons whom interest with the conference subjects.

Our website: http://www.infomesr.org/WCEEENG10.html

Please, don't hesitate to ask about anything.

Thank you very much and see you in WCEEENG 2010, Luxor, April, 4-8, 2010
* All replies must be directed to: admin@infomesr.org
* (Our apologies if you have received multiple copies)
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  1. I received this Spam

    Dear Colleagues,

    Le us remind you the most important informations.
    The deadline for paper submission is approaching. Please submit your paper as soon as possible to avoid congestion and server problems in the last days.

    Please check carefully if your paper submitted to the EEEIC Conference (http://eeeic.eu) does comply with the requirements (correct formatting formatting, number of pages not greater than 4, PDF IEEE Xplore compatible format).

    Please check carefully all requirements enumerated here: http://eeeic.eu/information-for-authors/ and : http://eeeic.eu/2009/09/22/ieee-pdf-express/

    All submissions must be electronic in PDF format and must follow the two-column format of IEEE Conference Proceedings. Authors are strongly recommended to use the style files available at the website. The maximum length of a manuscript is four (4) pages.
    PLEASE use the PDF converter for IEEE Conferences - PDF eXpress. To use it, please register for an IEEE PDF eXpress account with the Conference ID: eeeic10x.

    All papers not compatible with IEEE Xplore will be rejected. This is required by IEEE Xplore.

    For each accepted paper, at least one author must register Completed registration is required for all accepted papers and/or presentations that are to be included in conference proceedings. Without registration and payment of the registration fee, the paper will NOT be published in the proceedings!

    Best regards,

    Zbigniew Leonowicz, PhD

  2. YES
    Zbigniew Leonowicz is a common academic criminal.
    An internet whelp. A web troll.
    Something like Nagib Callaos.
    He organizes many IEEE crappy conferences and spam us with silly emails, with open invitations for Keynote Speakers.
    I sent him email some weeks ago and I suggested him to cease the open invitations for the members of the committee etc...
    Finally, I called him, but his secretariat told me not to bother him.
    I think that his only purpose is MONEY, only MONEY. By the way, congratulations for the Background of your block. This is the real motivation of all the academic criminals
    (crappy conference organizers, IEEE franchisees, commercial "professors" etc...)

  3. See this FAKE IEEE conference and incorporate it in your collection of the crappy IEEE


  4. Certainly, there are many Fake IEEE Conferences around us. IARIA is a typical SCAM of IEEE fake conferences