Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference

Put in Google: IEEE Fake Conference (You will find more than 30 fake conferences of IEEE)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

new bogus papers in IEEE

new bogus papers in IEEE
What a SHAME for IEEE

1) Rob Thomas: Rooter: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of
Access Points and Redundancy, 2005 for WMSCI (see above)
Technical Co-Sponsored by IEEE!

2) Professor Genco G=FClan published a paper in the 3rd International
Symposium of Interactive Media Design

3) IEEE IARIA Conference accepted another bogus paper:

4) A paper titled "Towards the Simulation of E-Commerce" by Herbert
got accepted as a reviewed paper at the "International Conference on
Computer Science and Software Engineering"
(CSSE) and was briefly in the IEEE Xplore Database
. The author is named after the Swedish short film Der Schlangemann.
Furthermore the author was invited to be a session chair during the
Read the official Herbert Schlangemann Blog for details[11].

The official review comment: "This paper presents cooperative
technology and classical Communication.
In conclusion, the result shows that though the much-touted amphibious
algorithm for the refinement
of randomized algorithms is impossible, the well-known client-server
algorithm for the
analysis of voice-over- IP by Kumar and Raman runs in _(n) time. The
authors can clearly
identify important features of visualization of DHTs and analyze them
insightfully. It is
recommended that the authors should develop ideas more cogently,
organizes them more
logically, and connects them with clear transitions"

6) In 2009, the same incident happened and Herbert Schlangemann's
latest fake paper "PlusPug:
A Methodology for the Improvement of Local-Area Networks" has been
accepted for oral
presentation at another international computer science conference
[12]. Recently, Denis Baggi, Chairman, IEEE CS confessed, according to
a comment on the Schlangemann Blog, that "Selection criteria such a
refereeing etc. are meaningless", probably means that IEEE has
accepted the unreliability and bogusity of its conferences. Denis
Baggi also adds: "Articles should be written only if someone has
something to tell others, in which case the validity of the paper is

7) Recently, fake papers appeared in several IEEE conferences,
because the IEEE grants its name and its logo to many local organizers
who supposedly do
not conduct a thorough review process. It is being argued that such
conferences only
exist to make money out of researchers that are looking for a simple
way to publish their work,
in particular publishers like IARIA, http://www.iaria.org, HIGHSCI
http://www.highsci.org and SRP
http://www.scirp.org appear questionable. As seen from their web
use the name of IEEE and the IEEE publishing services, thus attracting
numerous papers.

8) Other protest blogs are:

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  1. It looks too bad to me, than in an IEEE bogus conference, like the Bogus Prime, officially, a 10% will earn gold diploma, a 20% will earn silver
    diploma and another 30% will earn bronze diploma.
    I received also an email from them and in their email they promised to me
    gold diploma and I am only Ph.D. candidate (student)
    So, this IEEE Bogus congress will collect crappy papers from many idiots
    I have heard also a bogus IEEE conference in Paris that accept some bogus papers, fake works from some stupid people. Very bad IEEE conference. Bogus really.